Cell Phone Reception:

The cell phone reception is adequate and in the event that guests require their own local SIM cards, these can be purchased in Vilankulos.


Wifi is available at Shakati Beach Lodge through the conversion of airtime to data. The Lodge provides up to 5G a week and should guests require additional wifi, then such additional usage will be arranged but at additional guest cost.

Television Entertainment:

Shakati Beach Lodge has a 55 inch plasma TV with a full DSTV bouquet.


Rooms are cleaned and serviced daily with a turndown service in the early evenings.

Air Conditioning:

The lodge is fully equipped with air conditioners in every room. However, from experience they are rarely needed as all bedroom doors and windows have fly / mosquito screens. The bedroom suites are very spacious and well ventilated and include ceiling fans inside the mosquito nets.

Mosquito Nets:

All beds are covered by large mosquito repellant treated nets (see special precautions at the bottom of this page).


Shakati Beach Lodge prides itself on being eco-sensitive and accordingly uses solar power and gas heaters to meet daily demand. For additional night time requirements, two generators are available, a 80kva and a 10kva for lighter needs.

The Use of Shakati Beach Lodge Vehicle:

A Mahindra 4×4 vehicle has been modified for bush viewing, with 6-9 seating capacity, is available to navigate the thick sand roads through the bush. A driver will be provided as necessary. (add a photo of the Mahindra)

Medical Assistance:

A basic 1st aid kit is available at Shakati Beach Lodge. For anything more serious, guests will need to be transferred to Vilankulos by boat for treatment or alternatively, if more urgent, they will need to contact The Sanctuary office and arrange for a helicopter transfer.

Is Shakati Beach Lodge Child Friendly?

Shakati Beach Lodge is ideal for children. However due to the proximity to water (pools and sea) children should be able to swim.

The Sanctuary Shop:

The Sanctuary shop opening hours are between 9am-3pm and provides basic grocery needs. toiletries, mosquito repellants etc. The shop is 5 min away by car from Shakati Beach Lodge and accepts either local currency Metical or ZAR.

Special Health & Safety Precautions:

  • While the incidence of malaria at The Sanctuary is low, the use of Prophylaxis or equivalent is recommended as a precautionary measure, especially during the summer months of September to April. At the very least during the cooler months, mosquito spray should be applied regularly and long-sleeves and long trousers worn at night.
  • Malaria is prevalent in Vilankulos and its surrounds. Apply mosquito spray liberally when visiting Vilankulos or passing through.
  • Sand fleas tend to feast on particular victims. They breed in the Lala Palms along the beachfront and are particularly active during wet weather.
  • Razor clam shells nestled in the mud flats in tidal areas can inflict nasty cuts to unsuspecting waders– water shoes are strongly recommended.
  • The tide comes in extremely fast and unsuspecting walkers may be overtaken by a rising tide. Plan your walks carefully and avoid trying to walk between the sand spits on a rising tide. Similarly, the tide goes out extremely fast so boat trips should be planned carefully with this in mind to avoid being stranded.
  • Appropriate sunscreen is essential for land and especially sea safaris.
  • It is strongly advised that you tell someone where you are going when leaving your site and how long you intend to be away.
  • Blue bottles and jellyfish are common. It is recommended that antihistamine medication is taken along on excursions.
  • Tap water is drinkable but bottled or filtered water is preferable as a precaution.
  • Vervet monkeys are very common and regularly access houses to steal food. Please do not feed them at any time.