Use of the Mozambique Wildlife Sanctuary

Each visitor experiences and enjoys The Sanctuary in different ways. For some, paddling a canoe silently among the mangroves at high tide is a highlight. For others, the excitement of deep sea fishing, or whale watching, or swimming with manta rays and whale sharks off the sand spits represents the pinnacle of their experience. Some visitors prioritise birding while others enjoy the bush experience more. Whatever a visitor takes from The Sanctuary, and you may only take your photographs and memories with you, you are encouraged to leave only footprints behind.

Respect our sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a tranquil, peaceful place 

  • Please respect the environment and your neighbours by not making noise early in the morning, when leaving your lodge by boat, or by playing loud music at night or on game drives.
  • No skiing or tubing directly in front of properties or inside the marine protected areas / zones demarcated by buoys.
  • No fishing of any kind is permitted inside the Marine Protected Areas.
  • Fires are only allowed in designated areas. Fires may not be made on the beach and firewood may not be cut from vegetation.
  • Direct purchase of goods or resources from community members is not allowed. The Sanctuary shop sources from them wherever possible and makes these items available to visitors.
  • Maximum speed limit is 25km for the safety of animals and guests.

Please note that The Sanctuary team includes security guards, game and marine scouts who are specifically tasked with the care and protection of the Sanctuary’s resources, its visitors and its values. Please respect their role as guardians.


  • While the incidence of malaria at The Sanctuary is low the use of prophylaxis is recommended as a precautionary measure, especially during the summer months of September to April. At the very least during the cooler months, mosquito spray should be applied regularly and long-sleeves and long trousers worn at night. Mosquito nets are essential.
  • Malaria is prevalent in Vilankulos and surrounds. Apply mosquito spray liberally when visiting Vilankulos or passing through.
  • Sand fleas tend to feast on particular victims. They breed in the Lala Palms along the beachfront and are particularly active during wet weather. Regular spraying of household garden areas and decks helps to break their breeding cycle and is strongly recommended.
  • Razor Clam shells nestled in the mud flats in tidal areas can inflict nasty cuts to unsuspecting waders– water shoes are strongly recommended.
  • The tide comes in extremely fast and unsuspecting walkers may be overtaken by a rising tide. Plan your walks carefully and avoid trying to walk between the sand spits on a rising tide. Similarly the tide goes out extremely fast so boat trips should be planned carefully with this in mind to avoid being stranded.
  • Ensure that adequate drinking water accompanies all excursions.
  • Appropriate sunscreen is essential for land  and especially sea safaris
  • It is strongly advised that you tell someone where you are going when leaving your site and how long you intend to be away.
  • Blue bottles and jellyfish are common. It is recommended that antihistamine medication is taken along on excursions.
  • Tap water is drinkable but bottled or filtered water is preferable as a precaution.
  • Vervet monkeys are very common and regularly access houses to steal food. Please do not feed them at any time.
  • While security on The Sanctuary is good it is advisable to lock valuables, money and passports away when not in use.
  • The local fishermen make a lot of noise in the early mornings when launching their dhows. Do not be alarmed by this. Should you encounter a local fisherman fishing in a Marine Protected Area please alert The Sanctuary’s management as soon as possible on the Emergency number. Do not confront the fishermen yourself as transgressions need to be handled with particular protocols.
  • Please keep The Sanctuary’s Emergency  number stored in your phone.

The Sanctuary Emergency Number: +258 84 4631 721